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    • Jack

      Me a Victim of Online Dating Scam

      Though it's not something I'm proud of, I have been the victim of an internet dating scam. My online dating scam was similar to most, and it's something that I regret to this day. Unfortunately for me, I was caught during a vulnerable time in my life and the scam artist was very good at what she did. She took me like a fool and I paid the price with my wallet.

      So what happened? First and foremost, the lady used her powers of deception to lure me in. She made me feel good about myself with her emails. She listened and she confided in me. She told me stories that made me feel as if I was a part of her life. Probably more important was the fact that she put up a hot picture that would have been good enough to trick any man. Whether it was her or not is a good question, though I suspect it probably was not.

      She told me that she wanted to come see me. She said that she would fly to where I was and that we could spend some time together. Her trip was going to cost $1,000, and she needed me to give her ""half"" of that amount. I thought this was fair, so I sent her some money. I paid the Western Union fees and I went to pick her up at the airport. Instead of her, I got nothing and lived to tell about it. She never showed, and I was out of $500.

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    • Jeremy Nicholson, WA

      Be Very Afraid with Online Dates

      Since the introduction of online dating by match.com in 2005, I was incredibly skeptical. My negative view of people looking to the Internet for potential partners, at the time, was based merely on common sense and an understanding that the male libido will go to great lengths for instant gratification. Today, my viewpoint is unchanged, but now has a personal, horrifying experience as supporting evidence. I was a victim of a fraudulent online dating scam!

      Logic had always steered me toward condemning this approach to forming meaningful relationships, and I really wish to God I’d left it at that. Online dating, rather than being a scam, is instead just kind of pathetic. Anyone unwilling to heed this advice has every right to do so, but will most likely be met with horror, disappointment, humiliation and perhaps a lighter pocketbook.

      Always be wary of people who are unwilling or incapable of meeting people through conventional means. Sheer reason, for any of us who have still managed to retain it in these crazy times, will give us a fairly accurate description of what were likely to find on any dating website: undesirable men trolling for booty and unattractive women looking for love. This is a volatile combination, indeed.

      For me, 2007 was the year this theory would prove to be true. It started on Craigslist as I was browsing for cars. I wanted to find an old Mustang I could restore, or maybe an old Chevy muscle car. What in God’s name had me scrolling through the personal ads I’ll never know, but mere amusement I suspect was the culprit. For the most part, it was exactly as I’d figured it would be, “I’m a really nice person,” the bulk of them started, “looking for a meaningful relationship, your picture gets mine!”

      Anyhow, the small hand was pushing one o’clock and the sand man was beginning to harass me. My mouse started for the red “x” that closes the Internet browser when I saw it. A twenty year-old female—same age as me, at the time—had posted an ad and included a picture. Her ad was actually meaningful, and we seemed to share a few interests. Her picture was also quite nice, made her quite look cute, really.

      Against my better judgment, I emailed her. The next day she responded, and we made plans to watch a movie together at my house that evening, which turned out to be quite tragic. Anyone who says photographs don’t lie is deserving of a slow and painful execution, which should be cruelly administered by those who took it as gospel.

      I watched in horror as the beast parked her car and started up the path to the front door. Although I’m sure this was not the case, I was sure I heard the pavement cracking underneath her feet with each step. The knock on the door was loud, ominous. I stood with my back flat against the door, refusing to open it and terrified to respond. I’d been had, and now this gorilla was here, at my door. There I was, disappointed, humiliated and trying not to breathe too loudly, lest I wanted the beast to hear me, kick down my door and start breathing fire all over my living room.

      Then it started. The beast began pounding crazily on the door, spitting and cursing my name. “I know you’re home!” the troll yelled, probably waking half the damn neighborhood as she did so. Still, I said nothing; I just continued holding my breath and praying to God she’d just leave peacefully. Which she did, but not before projecting a large rock through the passenger-side window of my Ford Thunderbird and leaving deep tire tracks in my driveway. Looking back, this was probably a small price to pay for my indiscretion, and I’d have bought four new windows, perhaps even a whole new car, before I ever let that monster in.

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    • Frank Kern, Toronto

      I was mesmerized by the idea of dating a an attractive girl friend and fell prey to a scam. After this, I have decided to stay away from the all the things offered on the net…

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    • Cliff Barton, NY

      Hey Jack atleast you are not alone in this one. Even I had been duped by some “pretty girl” I met over the Internet. . I paid money to a girl without even thinking about it for 2mins. I had met her online couple of weeks ago and when she IMed me for some money I did not hesitate to give as she promised to pay me back in person. We were supposed to meet the very next day, but she never came! I will never trust any one I meet over the Internet!!

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    • Reginald Morgan, Tampa

      Hi Cliff, you really must be stupid to have paid this girl after knowing her for only a couple of weeks. Sounds like the ideal scam! Two weeks is the bare minimum that a scammer uses to ask for money. I’m sure it must have been some teenager at the other end who would have gotten a few laughs at your expense. Tough luck, man! Just be careful when dealing with people you meet over the Internet.

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    • Gary Bell, Atlanta

      Hi Reginald, go easy on Cliff. I’m sure he wouldn’t have known about such things when he paid the money. Victims of online scams are beginners and no one who has been using the Internet for sometime would fall for such things. As people get more aware of such scams, I’m sure scammers would come up with newer and more direct methods.

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    • Louis Ben

      Yeah Gary, I agree with you. Definitely, these scammers would come up with newer and more direct methods when people don’t fall into these scams. And, in case of online dating scam, people have to use their common sense while finding a good partner.

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