Fix a Very Slow Microsoft® Office 2010

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    • Guenter KLOEPPER


      There is evidently a MAJOR problem with Excel 2010 when opening files in "compatibility mode" (.xls). We have been shipping a fairly complex time reporting application using Excel with about 600K of VBA since 2004. We have over 6,000 installations working smoothly under 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and more recently 2010. ALL of our customers who have upgraded to Office 2010, whatever Windows platform they may have, complain about unacceptable performance.

      A moderately large, 1.2Mb file opens virtually instantaneously in all versions of Excel up to, and including 2007. Under 2010 the same file takes 18 seconds to open ! Once converted to ".xlsm" the same file opens instantaneously under 2010.

      From various forums I've deduced that other people have encountered the same problem, but strangely there are never any responses, or the responses provide laconic textbook replies.

      And yet it's simple to test - simply fill up a sheet with some long formulae and save as ".xls". Then close the file and open . . . Then save as ".xlsx" and repeat, and compare the times it takes to open the two files.


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