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    • Jonathan Warshay

      If I install Office 2010 Professional over Office 2007 Enterprise, I will not have Groove or Infopath in the 2010 version. Will the 2007 versions be deleted? (Don't want to lose Infopath, but I am fine with upgrading the other 2007 components.)

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    • Umang

      While installing Office 2010 select "Keep all previous versions."

      This will keep all application from Office 2007 and office 2010

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    • Ben

      I want to install Office 2010 Standard on number of users' PCs and I used the office customization tool to generate the MSP I needed. But when I run the setup.exe on client's PC, the option of 'Upgrade or Customize' screen still shown up. How do I remove that screen in order to keep a silent and no intervention on client's PC?

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      Following links would help you make apprpriate selections:
      Please let us know if this helped

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    • Staff Correspondent

      Hi tboneaz1..
      Please describe what kind of error you getting ...

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    • tboneaz1

      I keep getting error during installation of Office Professional 2010

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